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International forwarding - Kompas Spedycja - spedycja krajowa i międzynarodowa

International forwarding

Kompas Freight Forwarding has been operating since 2009. In the recent years we have earned a reputation of a reliable and trustworthy supplier of logistics services. We have developed vast experience and are proud of great achievements, but we are still driven by our ambitions to grow. We are continuously expanding our scope of services and perfecting their quality in response to the growing needs of the market and our clients’ expectations. It concerns both the application of innovative technology and management processes, as well as making sure that our staff increase the level of professional competence.

The profound insight we have into the transportation market is the main and highly appreciated value of our company. Having delivered a large number of services successfully, we have developed the necessary skill to negotiate most favourable pricing conditions of transport for the client including deals with shipowners or ship operators, carriers, customs agencies or warehouse operating agents.

When developing our wide experience of road transport, we have prioritised the client’s best interest. Contrary to other forwarding companies, we always inform the clients of the whole cost of service prior to the performance of the deal. Also, as a professional forwarding agent, we always stand up for our client. Having a thorough understanding of the transport market and the access to highly competitive shipping rates enables us to guarantee an efficient service of goods delivery and thus reducing the cost of the trade deal.

Our daily operations concern international transport. Our shipping transfers are smooth and effective due to the skillful management of the forwarding process. We guarantee the delivery of goods to our clients and avoidance of unpredictable cost. Every stage of the process (finding the carrier, the choice of the means of transport, completing documentation, insurance of the cargo) is performed with our deepest commitment.

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