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Why us? - Kompas Spedycja - spedycja krajowa i międzynarodowa

Why us?

Experience and professionalism are values which guide us in our daily work.

Since 2009 we have been taking passionate efforts to meet our clients’ needs efficiently and professionally. Our reliable approach to the tasks we undertake guarantees the quality of service and the sense of security and trust for our clients. We are adaptable and keep up with the changing reality. We grow constantly and believe in investing not only in the fleet but most of all in the competent staff. We value humans to the highest extent - be it a client, an employee or a subcontractor. Our forwarders are the best professionals in the market - experienced and honest, open-minded and apt to successfully manage the most challenging tasks.

Why do the best ones work for us?

We are committed to our people, which also means we will take good care of you. Our team are proactive and always take the initiative. We find the best solutions and everyday make sure to prove we deserve our excellent reputation as the client’s trust is our primary goal.

We have an extensive database of subcontractors, both domestic and foreign, which translates into significant optimizing of transportation cost.

See why it is more convenient to cooperate with Kompas Freight Forwarding rather than go to the carriers directly:
  Kompas Spedycja Carrier
We have access to the services of numerous suppliers    
We have an unlimited range of transporting fleet    
The forwarded goods are covered by a carrier’s liability insurance (OCP)    
We organize reloading, storage, and customs services    
We provide multimodal transport (combined means of transport)    
We can offer the best price out of many suppliers    

You haven’t made up your mind yet? Our forwarders are knowledgeable in terms of transport law, possess vast experience and operate within a wide business network. Thanks to their efforts, we are able to gain the best shipping deals for you and your business.

We’re here for you!

Contact usKompas Freight Forwarding
ul. Żywiecka 132, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała
tel. +48 535 534 842
fax +48 14 692 02 94
ul. Nowodworska 6/62, 85-120 Bydgoszcz
tel. +48 531 430 180
fax +48 52 52 23 214
tel. +48 535 534 475
fax +48 52 522 33 57
ul. Wilczyńskiego 23/20, 10-686 Olsztyn
tel. +48 606 837 749
fax +48 12 35 06 468
ul. Dąbrowskiego 26-27 / lokal 4, 70-100 Szczecin
tel. +48 790 266 466
fax +48 15 819 30 06