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Kompas Spedycja - spedycja krajowa i międzynarodowa

Kompas Freight Forwarding

We are a transport and forwarding company. We specialize in road transport. We transport loads in Poland and all over Europe. We work with the best subcontractors on the market. With us, you will carry the cargo effectively to your destination.
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We believe in people and their capabilities. We work with those who like what they do.

Our branches can be found in every part of Poland. And if there is not anywhere else, join us. Together, we will open a branch in your city.

One maxim connects us: "effectively to the goal." Forwarder, if it convinces you, do not hesitate! Send your CV today to .


International forwarding

Kompas Freight Forwarding has been operating since 2009. In the recent years we have earned a reputation of a reliable and trustworthy supplier of logistics services. We have developed vast experience and are proud of great achievements, but we are still... Details

Pharmaceutical transportation

We organize transport of goods within the European Union and abroad. We are able to meet any requirement set by our Client. Our business activities are based on all DPD procedures. Details

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Contact usKompas Freight Forwarding
ul. Żywiecka 132, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała
tel. +48 535 534 842
fax +48 14 692 02 94
ul. Nowodworska 6/62, 85-120 Bydgoszcz
tel. +48 531 430 180
fax +48 52 52 23 214
tel. +48 535 534 475
fax +48 52 522 33 57
ul. Wilczyńskiego 23/20, 10-686 Olsztyn
tel. +48 606 837 749
fax +48 12 35 06 468
ul. Dąbrowskiego 26-27 / lokal 4, 70-100 Szczecin
tel. +48 790 266 466
fax +48 15 819 30 06